People in Peril – documentary GREEN TRANSITIONS
People in Peril – documentary GREEN TRANSITIONS
14. December 2019

BE FAIR with Adela Banášová
The videospot for The Slovak Non-Governmental Development Organisations Platform

Slovakia produces almost 10 millions of waste every year.

Slovakia produces 10 million tons of waste per year. What will our future look like? Instead of towels, will we use T-shirts, will our robes be made from car covers, will we drink juice from excess shoes and serve food on old gramophone discs? Probably not... However, we need to realize that waste will not disappear and the only solution is to reduce its production. “Our daily activities and decisions can contribute to a fairer life for those behind the many products we buy. Our conscious consumption affects the lives of people in other countries, but also of those at home,” says Adela Banášová, ambassador of the European Year of Development 2015 and the face of the LIVE FAIR campaign.


Director: Maia Martiniak
Cinematographer: Simona Weisslechner
Production: Mediapulz s.r.o.
Year: 2015
Duration: 30 sec
Location: Lozorno, Slovakia