Unseen Neviditelna film
UNSEEN the documentary produced by Arina s.r.o.
9. July 2020
Academy of Performing Arts – documentary ZUNA
Academy of Performing Arts – documentary ZUNA
14. December 2019

The promotional video for Micro3generation

Energy changes.

In a successfully finished EC project at the University of Hannover, the experts developed and built the worldwide first Schukey plant operated by steam. The first ever Schuckey plant was established at a communal CHP in Hildesheim and it generates electricity from inexpensive waste heat from the CHP plant. Their technology is named after the designer and self-made inventor Jürgen Schukey, who developed first ideas for this groundbreaking technology in the 1980s. Unfortunately, Mr. Schukey couldn’t reap the fruits of his work. The team carries his message and continues working on further projects for essential sustainable energy production. That is why this year (2016) the first solar thermal Schukey plant is going to start its operation in Austria, producing electricity from solar heat. This type of power plant, too, is the first one worldwide.


Director: Maia Martiniak
Cinematographer: Maxim Kľujev
Editor: Michal Lipa
Production: Mediapulz s.r.o.
Year: 2016
Duration: 3 min 26 sec
Location: Hannover (Germany)