Melody soundtrack from documentary Unseen
MELODY – music video for documentary UNSEEN
9. December 2020
ENERGY CHANGES – promotional video for Micro3generation
ENERGY CHANGES – promotional video for Micro3generation
14. December 2019

the documentary produced by Arina Ltd.

First feature documentary of director Maia Martiniak about birth trauma.

Melody got pregnant at the age of sixteen and her childbirth ended with a C-section. Doctors did their job, but without any cooperation with Melody. Her second childbirth was vaginal, but the attitude of the caregivers remained unchanged. The events that she experienced during childbirth left her with lasting deep pain. Before her third labour, she responded to the touches and work of the caregivers in a confused and aggressive way. Fortunately, the assisting midwife correctly assessed her behaviour and mediated the contact with a therapist, Penny Simkin. Thanks to their meeting, Melody’s life changed, and she started dealing with her trauma. The filmmaker Maia Mariniak captures the controversial topic of childbirth trauma and the violence which is present at birth. She forms the story of Melody with the stories of other women from different countries, to capture the complexity and the controversy of the topic. She shows the unseen reality in society and the women who have so far been silenced by the pressure of their environment or medical staff. The documentary UNSEEN opens for the need for change not only in Slovakia but also throughout the world.


Story written & directed by Maia Martiniak
DOP: Michal Babinec, Tomáš Kobza, Maia Martiniak
Dramaturgy: Biba Bohinská, Ingrid Mayerová
Music: Sandra Urbančíková, Pavol Jeňo
Sound: Samuel Škubla
Editor: Mária Hirgelová
Cast: Penny SIMKIN, Lucia GOMEZ, Melody TURNER, Stella Maria VALENTOVÁ, Viktoria Aase Sørensen TORSSELL, Misan Anne Catherine STEHOUWER
Producer: ARINA Ltd. (Silvia Panáková, Erik Panák, SK)
Co-producers: Mediapulz s.r.o. (SK), Radio and Television Slovakia (SK)
Year of production: 2020
Duration: 87 min
Locations: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Denmark, United States of America


World Premiere in the section "Special premiere" at CPH:DOX, 20/03/2020, Copenhagen, Denmark
Slovak National Premiere at One World, 07/11/2020, Bratislava, Slovakia
Special event at International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA, 26/03/2021, Ukraine
Official selection at International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival One world 18/05/2021, Czech Republic
Official selection at Film Festival Millennium Docs Against Gravity 06/09/2021, Poland
Nominee at Open World Toronto Film Festival 4th - 6th Nov 2022, Canada
Official selection at Film Festival Cinematik Piešťany 17.09.2021, Slovakia
Quarter Finalist at Film Festival Social World Film festival 11.7.2021, Italy
Official selection at Film Festival International Women's Film Festival -DK August 2022, Aarhus Denmark
Official selection at Film Festival Stockholm City Film Festival April 2023, Sweden
Official selection at Film Festival Luleå International Film Festival May 2023, Sweden


The Grand Prize One World 2020 (Slovakia)
The Audience Prize One World 2020, (Slovakia)
Special Mention of the RIGHTS NOW! competition Docudays UA 2021, (Ukraine)
Special Mention of the Student Jury Docudays UA 2021, (Ukraine)
Winner in Best Feature Documentary in April 2023 Stockholm City Film Festival, (Sweden)
Winner in Best Feature Documentary in May 2023 Luleå International Film Festival, (Sweden)

TV Broadcast

Radio and Television Slovakia, 1st December 2021
TV JOJ SVET Slovakia, 14th April 2024