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2. April 2024
Unseen Neviditelna film
UNSEEN the documentary produced by Arina s.r.o.
9. July 2020

The music video for documentary UNSEEN

Why I feel so lonely after giving life.

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a disease that has been seen as a consequence of a serious traumatic event in a person’s life, e.g. war, a car accident, death of a close person, torture, and sexual abuse. We have never associated such a serious disease with birth that is generally perceived as a dangerous but still “the most beautiful” experience in the life of a woman. In addition, a woman and her child look healthy after birth, so it is difficult to believe that the woman is experiencing pain and perceives childbirth as a traumatic experience. Sometimes a woman herself cannot recognize what is really happening to her. The music video Melody was made as a reaction to the story of character Melody from documentary Unseen. She got pregnant at the age of sixteen and her first childbirth ended with a C-section. Doctors did their job, but without any cooperation with Melody. Bad communication, disrespect, and violent behaviour was what she remembered from the childbirth. The events that she experienced during childbirth left her with lasting deep pain and negatively affects her everyday life.


Director: Maia Martiniak
Cinematographer: Michaela Hošková
Music: Sandra ENIESA Urbančíková
Characters: Orest Rímsky
Ariadna Vendelová
Make-up artist: Miriam Miklušová
Colours: Bronislava Brtáňová
Editor: Maia Martiniak
Production: Mediapulz s.r.o.
Arina s.r.o.
Year: 2020
Duration: 3 min 55 sec
Location: Uhorná lake, Guláška lake (Slovakia)


Special Mention at YouTopia Festival (5.9.2021,Slovakia)