Academy of Performing Arts – documentary ZUNA
Academy of Performing Arts – documentary ZUNA
14. December 2019
Kolo roka – music video WILD WOMAN
14. December 2019

The videospot for Zdravé pečenie

Zdravé pečenie.

A good sourdough is a bit of magic. It is a living substance that responds sensitively to every change, gives a slightly acidic smell, and has bubbles in it. Its history dates back to ancient Egypt (about 2300 years BC), where the local people made a mixture of flour and water and allowed it to ferment for the next few days. This type of bread later became the basis for the emerging of sourdough bread. For some time, sourdough bread was replaced by industrial bread produced using yeast, which leavens faster. Currently, sourdough baking is growing more popular again. “Once you become enchanted with sourdough baking, there is no way back. You may end up, for example, travelling on holidays with your sourdough. Many participants in my courses confirm this to me. They laugh at first when I tell them, and later they confirm,” says blogger Lenka Mančíková.


Director: Maia Martiniak
Cinematographer: Simona Weisslechner
Editor: Mária Hirgelová
Production: Mediapulz s.r.o.
Year: 2017
Duration: 2 min 27 sec
Location: Rusovce (Slovakia)